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GLOG Class: Elementalist Wizard

Elementalist Wizard Guild Wars 2 Elementalist by Kekai Kotaki This is a wizard class for the GLOG that uses the wizardly magic rules HERE  and was strongly inspired by Coins and Scrolls' Elementalist HERE . I wanted to adhere to the emphasis in Hot Springs Island on Elementals and I'll describe how I see this Elementalist Wizard fitting into my world. I pretty strongly use the concept of Elemental Cores that's laid out in the Hot Springs Island books as well. The dominant magic of the Civilized Lands is Elementalism. This is due to the fact that cosmologically, the planes of the Elements are the easiest to access outside of the Material Plane. There are of course, non-planar forms of magic, but for a great many years the spells of the Civilized Lands have been bred or designed or trained to manipulate the power of elemental cores. Each elemental being has an elemental core that allows it to persist and survive outside the elemental planes. By taking possession of th

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