GLOG Class: Elementalist Wizard

Elementalist Wizard

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist by Kekai Kotaki
This is a wizard class for the GLOG that uses the wizardly magic rules HERE and was strongly inspired by Coins and Scrolls' Elementalist HERE. I wanted to adhere to the emphasis in Hot Springs Island on Elementals and I'll describe how I see this Elementalist Wizard fitting into my world. I pretty strongly use the concept of Elemental Cores that's laid out in the Hot Springs Island books as well.

The dominant magic of the Civilized Lands is Elementalism. This is due to the fact that cosmologically, the planes of the Elements are the easiest to access outside of the Material Plane. There are of course, non-planar forms of magic, but for a great many years the spells of the Civilized Lands have been bred or designed or trained to manipulate the power of elemental cores. Each elemental being has an elemental core that allows it to persist and survive outside the elemental planes. By taking possession of these cores and utilizing the proper spells it is possible to control the elements of the Material plane. 

A Water Elemental with it's Core visible from Swordfish Islands
There are many more Elemental planes than many uneducated folks are aware. The elemental planes encircle the Material plane. There are of course the four Prime Elemental Planes, Air, Earth, Fire and Water, but also Planes that stretch between these and Planes that stretch up towards the planes of The Light and down towards the planes of The Darkness. Certain heretical scholars have pointed out that Up and Down are meaningless concepts when it comes to the organization of The Planes and that the ascription of directions is an artifice of the Church of the Light. In addition to the Prime Elemental Planes planar travelers and scholars have cataloged planes of Ooze, Mist, Steam, Ash, Dust, Crystal, Ice, Lightning, Acid, Magma and Salt. 

Elementalists in the Civilized Lands must be registered and Sanctioned, otherwise they will be hunted by the Inquisition of the Light for performing Heterodox magics. In the Swordfish Islands, this is not much of a concern.

Fire Elementalist by Michele Giorgi
I'd expand the spell list to include more elements but I already bit off a lot. Anyway, here's the class. 

Elementalist Wizards

Starting Equipment: Elemental Core, Staff, Robes
Earth Elementalist by CardboardShark
Perk: Gain a boon on all Saves or Defenses versus elemental damage
Drawback: You must be holding an elemental core to cast spells. Each core comes from an elemental. They know you. It can be attached to a staff.

  1. Concentrate for 33 seconds. Create enough of the element matching your elemental core to fill your cupped hand. It vanishes after 11 seconds. This does not damage you.
  2. Meditate for 33 minutes. Make another save against any poison or damaging effect currently troubling you. If you succeed the effect is transferred to the Elemental associated with an elemental core you possess.
  3. Dance for 3 hours and 33 minutes. You may ask the Elemental associated with a core you possess one question. They will answer based on your relationship with them.


  1. Hand of [Element]
  2. Control [Element]
  3. Scour [Element]
  4. Purify [Element]
  5. [Element] Breath
  6. [Element]-skin
  7. Bindings of [Element]
  8. Protection from [Element]
  9. Eruption of [Element]
  10. Speak to [Element]
  11. Summon [Element] Imp
  12. Wall of [Element]


  1. MD only return to your pool on a 1-2 for 24 hours.
  2. Take 1d6 elemental damage.
  3. Gain a random mutation. Save after 3 hours and 33 minutes or it is permanent.
  4. All instances of the element of the spell vanish from a ten foot sphere around you.
  5. You are surrounded by a ten foot tall pillar of the element of the spell.
  6. Everyone within 50’ must Save or vomit up several cubic feet of the element of the spell.

Doom of the Elementalist:
As an Elementalist your doom track advances for each element separately.
  1. You become attuned to the element of the spell. Any time you cast a spell of that element, you set two dice to a result of 5.
  2. You become a partial elemental, matching the spell. You are no longer Sanctioned, if you ever were. You take half damage from that element, can breath it naturally, and take double damage from any opposed element. Any time you cast a spell of that element you set three dice to a result of 6.
  3. You become an elemental of same element as the spell you cast. Your core appears in the possession of the elemental whose core you used to cast the spell and you are dragged to their location.
You could avoid this doom by preemptively becoming an Elemental or visiting the mythical Anti-Elemental plane and becoming immune and intangible to all Elements. That has problems of its own, of course. Also, maybe obviously, switch elements until you run out, if you can keep getting your hands on Elemental Cores.

Elementalist Spells

Hands of [Element]
R: 50’ T:[dice] hands D:3 rounds
You create [dice] hands composed of [Element] within fifty feet. They have differing Strength and Dexterity based on their element, with a minimum of 1. They are considered to have ½ [sum] Hit Points, with a minimum of 1. You can attack and grab with these hands using their stats and your own Attack.
[sum] -4
[sum] - 6
Armor as Plate
[sum] - 6
Does 1d4 damage
[sum] - 2
[sum] - 2
Takes ½ damage

Control [Element]
R: 50’ T:[sum] * 5 cubic feet of an element D:Concentration
You can control a cubic volume of the specific element within fifty feet equal to [sum] * 5 cubic feet. For purposes of necessary checks to move the element carefully or especially forecefully, use the [sum] as the relevant stat.

Scour [Element]
R: 50’ T:[sum] cubic feet of an element. D: Instant
Destroy [sum] in cubic feet of an element. When used against an elemental creature, simply do [sum] damage with no save.

Purify [Element]
R: 10’ T:[sum] * 5 cubic feet of an element. D: Instant
Neatly remove all impurities from a volume of an element equal to [sum] * 5 cubic feet. You may separate impurities into [dice] separate piles/or containers in range.

[Element] Breath
R: [dice] * 20’ cone T: Area D: Instant
Breath out a fine mist of [Element] covering a large area. This does 1d4 damage and has side effects based on the element. Fire creates a great deal of light and might set things on fire. Earth gets grit or sand in the eyes. Air or water might extinguish fires. In all cases it might push dangerous gases or fumes away (or ignite them in the case of Fire).

[Element] Skin
R: Touch T: [dice] Characters D: [sum] minutes.
Transform a characters skin into [Element]. This grants damage reduction, with a penalty and bonus based on the [Element].
Damage Reduction
Boon to Movement and Stealth rolls.
Bane to avoid being pushed or knocked.
2 * [dice]
Boon to avoid being pushed or knocked
Cannot swim, jump or climb.
Shed light 5’, 1d4 Damage to attackers
Water deals 1d6 damage
Fit through spaces the size of skull
Bane on saves vs poisons.

Bindings of [Element]
R: 100’ T: [dice]*10’ diameter burst D: 2*[dice] Rounds
All creatures in the area take damage based on [Element] and are immobilized. A successful Dexterity save reduces damage by half and prevents being immobilized. A character can break free by succeeding at an opposed Strength check.
Bonds are invisible

1d4 damage each round
Puts out fires

Protection from [Element]
R: 20’ T:[dice] * characters D: ½ [sum] hours
Reduce all damage from the chosen element by 4 for the next sum in ½ hours. It also prevents discomfort from normal environmental effects like extreme heat or cold.

Eruption of [Element]
R: 100’ T:[dice]*5’ burst D: Instant
Tear open a pinhole to the Elemental Planes and cause an eruption of the [Element]. Deals [sum] damage to all enemies in the area with a Dexterity Save for half. Air Eruptions temporarily deafen targets that fail their save, Earth Eruptions temporarily blind targets that fail their save, Fire Eruptions set targets who fail their save on fire, and Water Eruptions knock targets who fail their save prone.

Speak to [Element]
R: 15’ T: Any body of [Element] D: [Dice] minutes.
Any instance of [Element] will speak to you and answer questions to the best of its ability. You have [dice] minutes to ask it questions in and out of character.

Summon [Element] Imp
R: 10’ T: Any [Element] Imp D: [Sum] Minutes
You summon an Imp of the appropriate [Element]. It obeys [dice] commands from you, after which it acts of its own accord.

Wall of [Element]
R: 20’ T:Wall D: [Varies]
You create a wall formed of [Element], with a number of 10’x10’ panels equal to [dice].

Air - A permeable wall of wind that cannot be damage but applies a bane to all ranged attacks passing through it. A character can pass through it with an opposed Strength check vs. ½ [sum]. It lasts for [sum] minutes.
Earth - A solid wall of dirt and stone with [sum] * 3 hit points and 2 Defense. It can be shaped with windows. It must be anchored in at least two places. It is permanent.
Fire - A permeable wall of fire and smoke that blocks vision and casts light for 10’. Passing through it deals 1d6 damage. A Dexterity save is required to avoid being set on fire.
Water - A permeable wall of rushing and rolling water. A character can pass through it with an opposed Stregnth check vs.[sum]. A successful Strength save is required to avoid being knocked prone and dealt 1d4 damage..

Starting Skills:

1- Soldier: You were a warmage, employed by the wealthiest armies. Name a battle that saw a magical catastrophe and tell how you survived. You start with a sword and a medal for distinguished service. 2- History: You were a scholar and a mage, studying the ancient workings of magic that can still be found throughout the world. Name an ancient civilization you studied and tell where one of their ruins is in the Swordfish Islands. You start with a history textbook and a map. 3- Artist: You were inclined to use your magic for art, not just crass purposes. Name a form of magical art the rich pay highly for and tell the piece that you sold last. You start with a paper, ink and pen as well as an extra 1d6 * 10 silver pieces. 4- Smith: You were a craftsman of magical arms and armor, trained to make fantastical pieces. Name the most famous magic artifact in the world and tell how it was lost. You start with a hammer and tongs. 5- Religion: You were a mage who was devoted to the teachings of The Church of The Light. Name your favored magely saint and tell where they were martyred. You start with a copy of the holy text and an amulet with the face of your favored saint. 6- Criminal: You were a mage in the employ of organized crime. Name the most fantastic heist you were involved in and tell how you lost most of you share. You start with a disguise kit and 1d6 silver pieces.


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